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March 6, 2023

UAVIA, CNRS, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, and TotalEnergies announce successful Integration of AUSEA methane and carbon dioxide quantification technology into UAVIA Robotics Platform.

Paris, Reims, March 6th 2023 UAVIA, the driving force in data collection and processing revolution for Industry 4.0, the French National Research Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA), and TotalEnergies the global multi-energy company, announce the success of a first autonomous greenhouse gas quantification campaign in Netherlands in late 2022, at TotalEnergies offshore platforms in… Continue Reading

June 23, 2022

UAVIA and AERACCESS announce the availability of the HAWKER Q800X UAVIA Inside.

Paris, June 23rd, 2022 The two companies are unveiling and demonstrating the new product during the Systematic-Paris-Région Drone Hub Demo Day. UAVIA and AERACCESS today announced the availability of the UAVIA Inside version of the HAWKER Q800X, which will be available to UAVIA Robotics Platform Customers from september 2022.  The HAWKER Q800X is a versatile platform that can carry a… Continue Reading

April 21, 2022

UAVIA and Parrot announce Technology and Marketing Partnership.

The two companies are democratizing 4G autonomous drones by interconnecting the Parrot ANAFI Ai with UAVIA Robotics Platform. Paris, April 21st , 2022 UAVIA and Parrot today announced the availability of the UAVIA Inside version of the ANAFI Ai, which will broadly be available to UAVIA Robotics Platform Customers from June 2022.This product integrates UAVIA DroneOS as the first ANAFI… Continue Reading

February 17, 2022

TUNDRA UAVIA Inside drone delivered to TotalEnergies for Greenhouse gases detection

Paris, February 17, 2021 Pierre VILPOUX (UAVIA) - Alexandre LABESSE (HEXADRONE) - Ludovic DONNAT (TotalEnergies) UAVIA, the editor of “UAVIA Robotics Platform”, the standardised collaborative platform to handle autonomous drone operations, and HEXADRONE, manufacturer of the drone TUNDRA, announce the availability of the TUNDRA UAVIA Inside drone, result of the integration of UAVIA’s embedded technology into the acclaimed TUNDRA drone.… Continue Reading