UAVIA and Parrot announce a Technological and Marketing Partnership

The two companies are democratizing the use of autonomous 4G drones by interconnecting the Parrot ANAFI Ai with the UAVIA Robotics Platform.

UAVIA and Parrot today announce the availability of the UAVIA Inside version of the ANAFI Ai, which will be more widely available to users of the UAVIA Robotics Platform starting from June 2022. This product integrates UAVIA DroneOS as the first ANAFI Ai flight mission created by external developers with Parrot AirSDK.

The Parrot ANAFI Ai is the first 4G drone. It enables autonomous navigation, real-time video streaming, and remote management from the secure web interfaces of the UAVIA Robotics Platform. The UAVIA Inside ANAFI Ai can complement drone fleets accessible from the UAVIA Cloud platform, offering an unmatched mix of weight, autonomy, and 4K video performance.

This product launch opens up new possibilities by simplifying the creation of routine missions and emergency interventions in complex environments, enabling better collaboration between teams and a better understanding of the situation in the decision-making process.

A product as lightweight and affordable, offering advanced performance and features made available through the joint efforts of two technology champions, is a revolution that contributes to the widespread use of drones by many industries.

The ANAFI Ai UAVIA Inside integrates the benefits of Parrot AirSDK, the first software development kit for autonomous drones. It allows developers to create flight missions. Its innovative technological architecture offers the possibility to download and run code directly on ANAFI Ai. Developers can program custom flight missions by accessing all drone sensors, connectivity interfaces, and autopilot features.

Thanks to Parrot AirSDK, UAVIA has been able to integrate DroneOS into the ANAFI Ai, allowing users of the UAVIA Robotics Platform to perform drone missions remotely using 4G connectivity. Users can control the drone and camera without being in the flight area and invite collaborators to participate in the mission in real-time through DroneOS’s video streaming feature.

“Our collaboration with UAVIA fully aligns with Parrot’s strategy regarding the open ecosystem we have created around the ANAFI Ai. Integrating UAVIA technology through our open software architecture is the perfect example of how a partner can effectively complement and enhance ANAFI Ai’s capabilities to address new market segments and expand its professional use,” says Chris Roberts, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Parrot.

“This collaboration is natural as UAVIA and Parrot share a common vision of connected drones and how users can interact with them,” adds Pierre Vilpoux, CEO of UAVIA. “This convergence has been reinforced by the compatibility of our respective product architectures, and this comprehensive integration takes autonomous drones to the next level.”

Cybersecurity and data sovereignty are essential concepts for both companies whose teams work closely together to ensure that users worldwide benefit from this integration for a wide range of use cases.

About Uavia

Uavia is a software publisher providing a standardized collaborative platform for managing the deployment of autonomous drones: “Uavia Robotics Platform.” Several users worldwide can benefit from Uavia’s artificial intelligence and control heterogeneous drone fleets, while sharing and processing data in real-time, for a wide range of value-added applications.

The goal of Uavia teams is to develop high-performance and secure solutions, combining the company’s innovative patents and the latest technologies, all accessible from an ergonomic user interface. The Uavia Robotics Platform is designed to meet the expectations of industrialists in terms of cybersecurity and data sovereignty. It is natively designed to operate in all kinds of complex environments. Easy to use. Easy to integrate. Easy to deploy.

About Parrot

Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot is the leading European drone group in this rapidly expanding market. Visionary, at the forefront of innovation, Parrot is the only group positioned across the entire value chain, from equipment to services, including software.

After great success in consumer drones, Parrot specialized in the design and production of professional products and software, renowned for their performance.

Parrot also has a portfolio of leading companies and interests in professional drones, covering equipment, software, and services. Expertise is primarily focused on 3 axes: (i) Agriculture, (ii) 3D Mapping, Geomatics, and Inspection, and (iii) Defense and Security. The Parrot Group designs and develops its products in Europe, mainly in Paris, where its headquarters is located, and in Switzerland. It now has more than 500 employees worldwide and generates the vast majority of its sales internationally. Parrot has been listed on Euronext Paris since 2006 (FR0004038263 – PARRO). Financial information is available on For more information, visit and its PIX4D subsidiary website: