About us

Management Team

Pierre Vilpoux – Chairman & CEO

Since December 2019, Pierre has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uavia; he drives the expansion and success of the company. With extensive experience in product line management at Airbus Group and later at Nokia Group, he brings proven leadership to the management team. Over the past 20 years, Pierre has co-founded and developed pioneering startups in the telecommunications and artificial intelligence fields, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.

Julien Da Vela

Julien Da Vela – VP Product Lines

With over a decade of experience at TotalEnergies, Julien has navigated various domains within IT, cybersecurity, and telecommunications. Taking on the role of the drone referent for the entire company, he contributed to the integration of drone solutions, improving operational efficiency.

In 2022, Julien joined Uavia. He has since been sharing his experience to further contribute to the advancement of autonomous systems and their adoption by users.

Jean-Baptiste Dementhon – VP Alliances & Atmospheric Emissions

Over a multi decade experience in techno business development, Jean-Baptiste has build several worldwide industrial successes in complex ecosystems in automotive and energy fields.

He is Vice President Strategy, Alliances and Gas at UAVIA since 2022.

Myriam Benmussa – Director Atmospheric Emissions Programs

Boasting over 20 years of experience in complex systems, including driverless metros and autonomous vehicles for public transportation, Myriam heads UAVIA’s programs for atmospheric emissions monitoring using autonomous drones, leveraging her expertise to enhance the safety and reliability of UAVIA solutions.

Luc Clement – VP Engineering & co-founder

With a profound background in software engineering, Luc is an expert in crafting resilient distributed systems architectures.

Leading our R&D Team, he channels his passion for innovation to propel UAVIA to the forefront of cutting-edge unmanned systems technology.

Pierre pele confounder 1

Pierre Pelé – CTO & co-founder

With a background in embedded systems engineering, Pierre has a genuine passion for both embedded systems and telecommunications networks.

As a Co-Founder and CTO at UAVIA, Pierre is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of autonomous drone solutions.

Our Vision

The escalating global demand for expedited, highly efficient, and superior-quality data acquisition and processing within the industrial sector has witnessed unprecedented growth over the past decades. This surge can be attributed to the increasing instrumentation of systems for measurement and monitoring by industry stakeholders. However, this trajectory often entails a protracted and arduous journey, marked by transitions between disparate tools and programs. This constant shift makes it challenging to synthesize various data points, leading to the generation of educated guesses about the potential implications at stake.

At Uavia, we firmly believe that both the industry and the global community deserve a more sophisticated and streamlined approach. Recognizing that data represents a reservoir of potent opportunities to confront and address some of our most pressing challenges, we are committed to providing a transformative solution.

Our mission is to empower pivotal industrial and logistical operators by fundamentally revolutionizing the utilization of Autonomous Systems, such as Drones, for data acquisition and processing. Distinguished by our hardware-agnostic and ultra-performant Platform Technology, we deliver unparalleled efficiency, real-time transparency, and effortless simplicity to our clients’ operations. Striving for excellence in data acquisition not only allows our clients to make a substantial impact on the entire data pipeline but also enhances their strategic evolution.

In the face of a mounting list of challenges, we are resolute in leveraging our advanced technologies to assist industries in building capacities, resiliency, and adaptability at scale. Simultaneously, we unlock the transformative opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence and data chains in real-time, ensuring that our clients stay at the forefront of innovation and progress.

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