Autonomous drones operations using 5G networks validated by UAVIA and CAPGEMINI ENGINEERING on a major european harbor

Uavia pr 5g networks

CAPGEMINI ENGINEERING and UAVIA demonstrated a world-first using commercial 5G networks services to perform drones’ missions through UAVIA Robotics Platform. The drones deployed since spring 2021 for the live demonstrations embedded UAVIA patented technology on smart communication and autonomous navigation, and presented innovative use cases related to the safety and security of a major European harbor.

This on-site project, successfully managed by CAPGEMINI ENGINEERING is another confirmation of the value of UAVIA collaborative software platform, to unify capture, process, share, and archive areal data within a secure cloud infrastructure, and to take benefit from most advanced mobile telecommunication networks.

Thanks to the API of the UAVIA platform, CAPGEMINI ENGINEERING team developed and deployed new applications to monitor approach and mooring operations in the harbor. UAVIA platform enables the multiplication of use cases within a single IT environment and through a unified interface, independently of the types of drones or sensors. Using a 5G network allowed to leverage real time 4K data streaming on the control room of the harbor as well as on the devices of all stakeholders on the port and on the boats. UAVIA solution also allowed the 5G operator to monitor and visualize in real time the quality of its network on the UAVIA software platform.

The common objective of CAPGEMINI and UAVIA is to ensure Users in harbors can focus on their core-activities and use these simple-to-use but advanced digital technologies to secure their operations, monitor their infrastructure and protect the environment. The edge computing capabilities of UAVIA embedded software allows CAPGEMINI to develop and deploy use specific vertical machine learning models that will be processed in real time to alert in case of problems detection and help stakeholders to take fast but wise decisions.

“Industrial Harbors are complex environments” says Pierre VILPOUX, CEO of UAVIA, “our solution integrates the drone usage within the IT environment of the harbor in a secured manner by taking in account dynamically a changing environment (weather conditions, maritime, areal or terrestrial traffic). This success proves that a collaboration between a world leader in digital transformation and a deep-tech startup allows fast validation of use cases, which is an important benefit to end customers. We are impressed about the professionalism and agility of CAPGEMINI ENGINEERING teams, and about their capability to integrate and deploy our solution internationally in very short timing.  This is a very promising step which fits perfectly with our ambition to become the leading technology provider for autonomous drones’ operations in industrial environments.”


UAVIA Robotics Platform is an enterprise-grade platform providing a standardized collaborative solution to every worker’s hand for versatile and secured site monitoring operations by drones. Multiple users across the world can access UAVIA’s AI to control heterogeneous drones’ fleets, while having data processed and shared in real-time for a wide range of value-added applications.

UAVIA is backed by prestigious investors such as Airbus Ventures, Sofimac Innovation and Bpifrance. The company is entering a scale-up phase and preparing international deployments following the adoption of its solutions by tier 1 industrial operators.

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