UAVIA secures “FRANCE 2030” grant for SIMEA project, paving the way for Global Environmental Innovation at COP28

Dubai COP28 and Paris, December 12, 2023

UAVIA, the cutting-edge deep technology robotics software company in France, proudly announces the award of a multi-millions-euros grant from the French Program of Innovation for Industry and Sustainable Development FRANCE 2030. This prestigious recognition will propel the groundbreaking Service of Intelligent Monitoring for Environmental Analysis (SIMEA) project, positioning UAVIA as a leader in global environmental monitoring solutions.

The SIMEA project, a collaborative effort between UAVIA and the renowned French Research Lab CNRS from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, is set to define a standard for the landscape of emissions monitoring through autonomous drones. Designed as a turnkey service, SIMEA will be progressively distributed worldwide by leading service operators, addressing critical use cases for Industries, Measurements and Control organizations, First Responders (firefighters), or Ports Operators.

“We are honored to announce the award of this FRANCE 2030 grant, which is a significant recognition of our technological advance, and reflects our commitment to break technology barriers for a sustainable future,” stated Pierre VILPOUX, President at UAVIA. “SIMEA is not just a project, it is a revolutionary plug and play service that will empower industries globally to meet their emissions regulations, and respond to the recent EU obligations of Greenhouse Gas emissions monitoring and reporting.”

With the official unveiling of SIMEA Program during COP28 of Dubai, UAVIA is poised to captivate the global audience with its innovative approach to emissions monitoring. The project is not only compatible with various drone form factors, but it also embraces a diverse array of pre-qualified sensors. These sensors cover an extensive list of pollutants, including Greenhouse Gases (CO2, CH4, N2O), but also NOx, SOx, NH3, VOCs, and PM, ensuring an easy, comprehensive and accurate assessment of atmospheric emissions.

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About UAVIA: UAVIA is a leading deep technology robotics software company based in France, dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address the challenges of the modern world. With a clear focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, UAVIA is committed to advancing technology that makes a positive impact on the global community.