Public Safety

Public safety is a major concern for our communities. In emergency situations, intervention services must quickly make decisions regarding mobilizing resources and personnel, implementing population containment or evacuation measures, and modifying traffic plans.

Uavia for Public Safety provides advanced aerial imagery, which can be securely shared with officers and the chain of command, enabling the rapid implementation of tactics tailored to the crisis situation.

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No need to be a certified pilot anymore

A Uavia user for Public Safety, whether a member of an Alert Processing Center or an Operations Center, can remotely take control of your fleet of drones to initiate a flight with a simple click, directly from their web browser. Possible use by a large number of users, with ultra-fast training

Autonomous drones arriving quickly at the crisis zone

Receive precise information about the situation in anticipation of the arrival of the first intervention teams and provide an accurate assessment of a dangerous situation (fire, explosion, drowning, medical emergency, etc.). Time and efficiency gains are invaluable for analyzing the situation and deciding which resources to mobilize to manage the crisis.

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Precise localization of victims or hazards

Search for victims through real-time aerial video, locate them, transmit coordinates, and track their movements. Provide rescuers with essential visual and geographical context for missions in hazardous environments (dangerous sites, mountains, aquatic environments).

Support for first responders

Uavia for Public Safety enables you to mobilize drones of various types.

A compact Uavia Inside drone for support missions, particularly suitable for populated environments.

A payload-carrying drone capable of carrying several kilograms for pollutant analysis during environmental crises or for the delivery of rescue equipment.

Reducing the crisis processing time to minimize environmental or human impact.


Uavia for Public Safety: a collaborative, unified, and secure tool.

The solution easily integrates into public safety mission procedures and enjoys excellent adoption by the teams. These teams find their decision-making and collaboration between Alert Processing Centers and Operations Centers facilitated by real-time access and sharing of videos or data from the crisis scene.

Your data and their parameters are recorded and timestamped in your secure environment, allowing you to feed your feedback, which contributes to gaining efficiency, mission after mission.

Public Safety Collaboration

Use cases


Utilization of our solution by a large French fire brigade unit in urban areas to visualize and analyze emergency situations in a reduced time frame, enabling them to act as close to the need as possible and offer aerial vision assistance to rescue teams.

The main use cases are fire management and aquatic rescue.