Uavia welcomes new investors and accelerates its deployment and hiring

Uavia the pioneer of drone internet revolutionizing data collection and analysis for Industry 4.0 with its software infrastructure “Uavia Robotics Platform” and embedded software “DroneOS,” today announces the completion of a second round of financing.

Innovacom, through its Avenir Numérique funds, Cattleya (the investment holding of Benjamin & Ariane de Rothschild), as well as UI Investissement and Bpifrance through the F3A fund of the Future Investment Program, historical shareholders of Uavia, participated in this financing and formed, along with Airbus Ventures, a world-class financing syndicate for the startup created in 2015, whose performance has been praised by its prestigious clients and partners. This fundraising brings the company’s equity financing to €7 million since its inception.

According to Pierre VILPOUX, President of Uavia, “As connected devices are massively deployed in industries, data sovereignty and addressing the increasing risks associated with cybersecurity have become priorities. Industrial operators also demand powerful tools for maintenance integrity checks to reduce industrial and environmental risks. The Uavia Robotics Platform fully addresses these challenges of Industry 4.0 and allows data collection and analysis through a unified and secure interface remotely supervising drones made autonomous by Uavia’s embedded software.”

This funding will enable the company to double its workforce in the short term, notably:

Integrating experienced talents in commercial deployment and partner network management to meet the strong traction currently observed globally,

Strengthening R&D in artificial intelligence for autonomous navigation and real-time processing of data collected on a large scale,

Establishing Uavia technology as a global standard,

Facilitating the deployment of use cases that contribute, particularly, to environmental compliance such as monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, local pollution, supervision of hazardous sites, port, or maritime environments.

Uavia also announces that the current management team, composed of Pierre VILPOUX, President, Pierre PELÉ and Luc CLÉMENT, co-founders and technical directors, is complemented by the appointments of:

Fabien TAVERNIER, a successful entrepreneur and former founder of the Hémisphère group, as Commercial Director,

Dr. Jean-Baptiste DEMENTHON, a specialist in the standardization of disruptive technologies and former director of development at IFPEN and AAQIUS, as Director of Alliances and Strategy,

Julien DA VELA, former head of drone activities at TotalEnergies group, as Product Director.

“We are proud of the trust of such prestigious investors, who have been convinced by Uavia’s unique positioning as a software publisher bringing fundamental technology for the widespread use of drones to capture and process data in industrial environments. Our demand for excellence, which concerns both our developments and our support to clients and partners, has been built around a team where everyone brings their expertise to the collective project and benefits from the experience of their colleagues. It is with this spirit that we start this new growth phase, and we are ready to welcome our next clients, partners, and talents,” adds Pierre VILPOUX, “we have the means to achieve our ambitions.”

About Uavia

Uavia is a software publisher that develops and deploys a unified collaborative platform for supervising operations of autonomous drones: Uavia Robotics Platform. Multiple users can benefit from Uavia’s Artificial Intelligence, from anywhere in the world, to control heterogeneous drone fleets, capture, and analyze real-time data for numerous use cases. We deliver a high-performance and secure product to our clients, implementing our patents and the most advanced technologies through a simple and unified interface. Uavia Robotics Platform addresses the data sovereignty and cybersecurity challenges of industrialists and is natively designed for complex environments. Simple to deploy. Simple to integrate. Simple to use. We are constantly expanding our partnership ecosystem with drone manufacturers, data science actors, systems integrators, and service providers in Europe and worldwide.

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