UAVIA and AERACCESS announce the availability of the HAWKER Q800X UAVIA Inside

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The two companies are unveiling and demonstrating the new product during the Systematic-Paris-Région Drone Hub Demo Day.

UAVIA and AERACCESS today announced the availability of the UAVIA Inside version of the HAWKER Q800X, which will be available to UAVIA Robotics Platform Customers from september 2022. 

The HAWKER Q800X is a versatile platform that can carry a wide range of payloads. Ruggedized IP65 and designed to resist harsh weather conditions, the HAWKER Q800X is  an optimized solution for over the hill reconnaissance and surveillance applications.

UAVIA DroneOS integration confers to the HAWKER Q800X new capabilities of autonomous navigation, remote and collaborative operations, real time data streaming and data processing (both edge and cloud computing) through the acclaimed UAVIA Robotics Platform unified web interface.

“The strategic partnership with UAVIA in our range of UAVs and drone-in-a-box solutions gives us new capabilities and enhance our leadership as a global solution provider for markets such as security, perimeter patrol, maritime ports surveillance, precision agriculture and many more, says Shehzaad CALLACHAND, CEO of AERACCESS.

“This collaboration with AERACCESS is an important milestone and confirms that UAVIA is now established as the Internet of Drones standard, says Pierre VILPOUX, CEO of UAVIA. AERACCESS provides the Uavia Ecosystem with a high-performance solution compliant with the toughest environmental conditions.” 


UAVIA is a software company providing a standardized collaborative platform to handle autonomous drone operations: “UAVIA Robotics Platform”. Multiple users across the world can access UAVIA’s AI to control heterogeneous drones fleets, while having data processed and shared in real-time for a wide range of value-added applications.

UAVIA’s teams focus on delivering the best and secured product to customers, by merging the company’s innovative patents with the latest advanced technologies behind an effortless UX interface. UAVIA Robotics platform is designed to match the industrial operators expectations in terms of cybersecurity and data sovereignty, and natively engineered to perform in any complex environment. Easy to use. Easy to integrate. Easy to deploy.


Finalist of the 2019 Start-up World Cup, AERACCESS is a technology solutions provider that designs, builds and produces an innovative portfolio of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Its solutions give law enforcement personnel a situational awareness on the battlefield through real-time, airborne reconnaissance, surveillance and communication. Thanks to its highly reliable design, AERACCESS solutions are now a reference in agri-food, sensitive site protection with its Drone-in-a-box solution and parcel delivery markets.