Penitentiary Centers

The safety of staff, inmates, and infrastructure is at the core of managing a correctional facility.

The Uavia solution is effectively deployed to enable the supervision of correctional facilities by autonomous drones, for the benefit of surveillance agents, maintenance teams, and intervention teams, while strictly adhering to IT and cybersecurity regulations. Personnel benefits from secure and facilitated activities through instant access to aerial vision in their daily operations.

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Autonomous drones immediately accessible to security agents

Allow security agents to easily fly your Uavia inside drones housed in their charging station, enabling them to conduct real-time inspections remotely with just a few clicks from a web browser. Your security team can observe without being observed, clarify doubts without exposing themselves, and decide on the mobilization of intervention means if necessary.

For 24/7 surveillance

Increase the frequency of your patrols with pre-programmed automatic flights, monitored by agents who can take control if needed from the control center. You optimize the security of your correctional facilities by providing your agents with the most advanced solution.

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Preventive and scheduled maintenance of infrastructure

Your maintenance staff regularly conducts aerial inspections of your assets, including buildings, fences, antennas, nets, etc. To minimize emergency operations and plan necessary maintenance work. Optimize your maintenance costs through preventive inspections.

Our system is compatible with anti-drone systems

Uavia for Penitentiary Centers is compatible with the use of anti-drone systems deployed on the sites. Benefit from the advantages provided by identified and validated autonomous drones without being exposed to the risks posed by malicious drones.


Uavia for Penitentiary Centers: a collaborative, unified, and secure tool

On a daily basis, enjoy a unified and collaborative user experience that allows, especially in times of crisis, secure sharing of live video feeds with remote stakeholders or decision-makers, enabling quick and informed decision-making.

The video data, along with all its parameters, is stored and timestamped in your secure environment. The Uavia solution for Penitentiary Centers enables scaling up the use of autonomous drones at the site level, as well as at the regional or central administration level, by expanding the coverage of multiple sites with a proven and validated system.

Drone collaboration in penitentiary centers

Use cases


Securing a French prison

Deployment of Uavia for Penitentiary Centers with 3 compact 4G drones in their charging station, available 24/7 and usable by the security team members and the site maintenance manager, trained in a few hours on the solution.

The autonomous drones are continuously recharged for immediate use with just one click by authorized agents, without the need to move from their usual workstation.

The solution’s acceptance is excellent, with Uavia for Penitentiary Centers being used directly by the agents, whose missions are secured and enhanced.