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> You are an Integrator and Provider of IT, Technological, and Digital services. Your clients are industrial companies (Energy, Construction, Maritime Ports, etc.) or public organizations (Emergency Units, Metropolises, etc.). You provide them with complex industrial and/or enterprise information systems for their business applications, and position yourself as their strategic partner for innovation, seeking to develop new uses.

> You are a Telecommunications Operator providing private 5G network solutions to your clients, and you aim to offer innovative, high-value applications that leverage your network core.

→ Deploy and integrate Uavia technology within your information system and provide secure and innovative services to your clients.

The only “Drone As A Service” IT platform.

Deploy the Uavia platform on the cloud of your choice. (Azure, AWS, GCP, or others) to fully leverage its microservices architecture. Manage and provide your own white-label service, if you wish, while meeting the highest standards of availability and scalability.

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Integrate the solution with your IT systems and those of your clients using the UAVIA platform’s APIs to automate as many processes as possible, whether they are IT-related (Single Sign-On, enterprise directory federation, etc.) or business-related (alert consumption, report generation, air traffic management, etc.).

Manage all your customers, all their sites and all their drones from the same interface to facilitate large-scale deployment and ensure efficient maintenance. If your client desires, offer them the opportunity to manage user access, execute their missions independently, and leverage the collected data for analysis. So, you accompany them so that they become the operators of their drones.


Finally, guarantee your customers the highest level of cyber security. Uavia implements state-of-the-art authentication and encryption, and keeps protocols up to date with the latest cyber security developments.

Stay in control of your business model

As your customers’ service provider, you can define the business model that’s best for them and for you. Depending on the nature of your users and their missions, you can decide to monetize the service by mission, time period, quantity of data transmitted, etc.

You also decide on the comprehensive offerings you provide to your clients: support for service deployment at the client’s premises, user interface training, assistance in becoming an Operator, hardware selection based on technological hardware advancements, hardware maintenance and software support, user-managed flight operations or fully integrated service performed by your own teams, IT resources for integrations, algorithm development, and user interface development.

Integrate a variety of drones into your offerings to diversify and sustain your services. From cargo drones to drone-in-a-box, mini-drones and wired drones, multiply the possibilities and equipment suppliers by category.

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