UAVIA releases its “UAVIA Inside” program for drone solutions providers

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UAVIA, the editor of UAVIA ROBOTICS PLATFORM announced today the launch of the UAVIA INSIDE program. By joining the program, drone solutions providers can propose versions of their products fully interoperable with UAVIA’s leading robotics platform.

UAVIA has been developing since 2015 all technology bricks necessary to allow industrial operators of different sectors (Energy, Chemical, Construction, Defence) to create and operate collaborative missions – routine, on-demand, doubt removal, or crisis management – directly from UAVIA Robotics Platform’s digital interface.

UAVIA has demonstrated the efficiency of its solutions by licencing its collaborative platform to tier-1 industrial operators such as TOTAL Group, and by embedding its Drone Operating System software (UAVIA DroneOS) into generic industrial drones. The UAVIA INSIDE Program announcement will from now-on allow UAVIA ROBOTICS PLATFORM customers to source UAVIA INSIDE drones from their preferred suppliers.

“We have been preparing this UAVIA INSIDE program launch since a year and have worked with multiple drone solution providers to integrate our DroneOS into the drones they produce”, says Pierre VILPOUX, Chief Business Officer of UAVIA. “This program is a key milestone in our alliances strategy, to scale the usage of autonomous drones in the industrial sectors. By providing at no cost our DroneOS to drone solutions manufacturers, and by providing integration support, we facilitate their access to major Industrial operators’ market, and make drone usage simpler and safer.”

DroneOS is a full cutting-edge operating system, running on major embedded computers, which includes multiple software engines :
– The Smart Connectivity Engine which allows drone inspection to be performed remotely, in real-time, and in a collaborative manner, making drones the most adapted solution for operators looking for 24/7 readiness.
– The Autonomy Engine, a suite of algorithms which turn drones into autonomous machines.
– The Edge Computing Engine which focuses on data acquisition through a wide range of cameras and sensors and their drivers, and on real-time processing of such data directly on the drone.
-The Scaling Engine which is designed to simplify the provisioning of heterogeneous drone solutions within various missions.

For Pierre PELÉ, CTO Embedded Intelligence and co-founder of UAVIA, “We are delighted to partner with drone manufacturers, they have developed over the last years an impressive expertise on design, industrialisation robustness and reliability. Adding DroneOS to their solutions opens the path towards multiple use cases while taking in account safety requirements of autonomous vehicles and cybersecurity rules of customers expecting nowadays to manage their data with full sovereignty”.

The UAVIA INSIDE program will progressively address all categories of drones: multirotor drones, tethered drones, vtols, long range drones, and also aerostats, rovers, boats or submarines.

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