Use cases

We address markets in demand of a central robotics platform.

UAVIA Robotics Platform is used in different industries, providing a unified environment for a wide variety of use cases where readiness repeatability and safety are key.

Operations & Maintenance​

Operations: UAVIA Robotics Platform enables scheduling and collaborative handling of drone missions. Stakeholders can monitor the progresses of their operations through a simple and replicable process.

Predictive maintenance: Routine inspection and real-time data analysis allow early detection of anomalies and planning of preventive maintenance.

  • Scheduling
  • Capture, Process and Share 
  • Report and Archive 


Health Safety and Environment: UAVIA Robotics Platform securizes areal operations and provides insights about compliance with HSE rules.

UAVIA Robotics Platform can report non compliance with site’s rules, as well as detect defaults which could endanger safety of people or infrastructure.

Routine inspections and archive of results facilitate the compliance with to regulatory constraint.

UAVIA risk pathfinding: UAVIA embedded intelligence mitigates dynamically the risks for people and infrastructure.

Crisis management​

UAVIA allows decision-makers and field teams to visualize the situation in real time, remotely anywhere in the world and  save precious time in the resolution of the crisis.

Access to hard-to-reach areas: Sending a drone instead of an inspector into hazardous areas.

Situational awareness for people on the field and decision maker.

Instant analysis following an operation alarm and detailed inspection participate to the understanding and resolution of the incident.


UAVIA Robotics Platform enables autonomous drone operations to secure a sensitive site and endors immediate doubt removal without endangering security team.

Days and night surveillance of a sensitive site through a perimeter patrol.

Automatic detection of people or vehicules.

Doubt removal and incident tracking following an intrusion.

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