UAVIA Robotics Platform

A unified environment for the whole data life cycle.

The next essential industry 4.0 platform

UAVIA Robotics Platform bridges the gap between IoT and drones, empowering industries with real-time aerial inspections & surveillance from anywhere, anytime.

Mission scheduling, collaborative operations, Instant analytics and data archiving : UAVIA Robotics Platform redefines how drones leverage your daily industrial sites operations. Simple and hardware-agnostic interface brings drones in every worker’s hand.

A powerful solution

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User friendly

Open your web browser and start using your drones. Our intuitive software will enable anybody to fly without any piloting knowledge.

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Anywhere, Anytime

Control a whole fleet of autonomous UAVIA Inside drones from your web browser. Anywhere on the globe with an unlimited range through any wireless IP links such as 4G or 5G.

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Secure cloud

Our technology guarantees fully secured transmissions using encryption during all communications between drones and the end users. Our platform can be hosted on your own cloud or on-premise.

Comprehensive and intuitive features

Collaborative operations

Fully remote, real-time, collaborative operations
Operate your drones remotely, take control at any time and share video and data streaming with your teams.

Multi-drone, multi-user missions
Modelize your sites, define user rights, create regular or specific missions, supporting a various great variety of use cases.


Full remote control

Define waypoints and areas of interest, set thermal mode, zoom and other payload capabilities.

Launch pre-registered site patrols in a single clik.

Trigger automatic flight on-alarm through UAVIA Robotics Platform API.

Edge computing capabilities

Leverage in-flight data analytics through UAVIA edge-computing architecture, and combine them with post-flight analytics to boost your insights.

Run your own algorithms on-board
Run your own machine learning or computer vision models directly on-board during flights.

Store and Replay
Store, search and replay all your aerial data in one unified secure environment. 


Powered by cutting-edge technology

At the edge of our platform, we’ve embedded an A.I. pilot back inside.

UAVIA’s proprietary operating system UAVIA DroneOS is a multi-agent architecture allowing drones to take their own decisions to complete their mission safely and efficiently.

Smart Connectivity

Autonomy Engine

Edge Computing

Fleet Management

Designed for industries

UAVIA Robotics Platform™ is used in different industries, providing a unified environment for a wide variety of use cases where readiness repeatability and safety are key.

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