Sensitives Sites

Revolutionizing Safety, Security and Emergency responses, UAVIA is at the core of smart surveillance.

Safety standards are highly enhanced and complemented through drones deployment and control.

Safety standards of sensitive facilities and industrial sites are more and more at the top of the agenda: video-surveillance, IoT, supervision, sensors, etc.

These new features can now be powered by a new platform approach, able to remotely handle several connected drones in one click. With either instant doubt removal and live video feed, deep and post-processed aerial data learning, UAVIA Robotics Platform can enhance significant patterns for safety.

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Perimeter security

With predefined or random schedules, UAVIA Robotics Platform optimizes patrols thanks to advanced edge computing capabilities.

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Immediate doubt removals

The interfaces (APIs) of the UAVIA platform allow to connect existing alarm systems and thus to trigger an automatic lifting of suspicion in case of alarm.

Crisis management

UAVIA solution coupled with the Cloud platform allows decision-makers and field teams to visualize the situation in real time, anywhere in the world.

Sensitives Sites - Specific requirements

Industrial facilities such as refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturing sites, must constantly monitor and maintain systems and infrastructure to ensure continuous productivity, safety, and efficiency. For the operator and manager, this means overseeing thousands of critical processes, while constantly facing operational threats such as equipment failure, security breaches and disasters. Our clients need to manage the following issues:

  • Safety : up-close imagery of critical plant infrastructure, gas leak detection, critical equipment and process monitoring
  • Security : dynamic perimeter surveillance, intruder alerts, visibility far beyond the fence
  • Emergency Response : rapid aerial incident investigation, evacuation monitoring, remote hazard detection

We successfully deployed our solutions since 2018. UAVIA Robotics Platform can now be used daily by intervention crew and maintainers on major industrial sites.

Pierre Pelé
Co-Founder, CTO

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