Revolutionizing logistics, seaports security, and inventories.

Drones are capable of carrying out security tasks or making an inventory in a logistics site or warehouse.

UAVIA solution allows to monitor a large site directly from a surveillance center. Our collaborative platform and technology enable to remotely handle several connected drones in one click, for several applications like instant doubt removal and live video feed, or deep and post-processed aerial data learning to detect significant patterns UAVIA inventory, maintenance or safety.

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Perimeter security

With predefined or random schedules, UAVIA Robotics Platform optimizes patrols thanks to advanced edge computing capabilities. Our APIs allow to connect with existing alarm systems and trigger automatic doubt removals.

Automatic inventory

Automatic counting of material flows or stock pile volume measurements of products enhance site management.

Port monitoring & Traffic control

Seaports face challenges in attempting to monitor ground or sea traffic, port safety and emergency response, and other operational tasks.

Logistics - Specific requirements

Seaports face challenges to monitor ground and sea traffic, port safety and emergency response. Logistics facilities needs operational improvement and efficiency throughout the supply chain. 

Drones are effective in security and surveillance of large spaces such warehouses, yards and terminals.

Drones can operate 24 hours 365 days a year:

  • Help to control inventories and movements.
  • Can be deployed for inspection of warehouse roofs, yards and terminals.
  • Possibility of reaching areas that are difficult to access

We successfully deployed our solutions since 2018. UAVIA Robotics Platform can now be used daily by intervention crew and maintainers on major industrial sites.

Pierre Pelé
Co-Founder, CTO

Use cases for Logistics

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