A unified platform for all your drones operations

Our mission is to revolutionize industrial inspections.

Making data capture via drones safer and simpler through a unified process and drone agnostic interface.

Combining most advanced aerial technologies with UAVIA’s patented embedded intelligence and advanced platform to provide sites experts with key insights on their infrastructures, while guaranteeing data souverignty and confidentiality.

Simplified IT project through a unified integration, whatever the number of applications, of drones models, or of sites.

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Perimeter security

With predefined or random schedules, UAVIA Robotics Platform optimizes patrols thanks to advanced edge computing capabilities. Our APIs allow to connect with existing alarm systems and trigger automatic doubt removals.

Infrastructure inspection

UAVIA autonomous navigation allow access to hard-to-reach areas in the safest way. UAVIA Robotics Platform embedded intelligence allows edge computing for real time detection of anomalies and planning of preventive maintenance. Customers can develop their own and proprietary predictive models which will be automatically converted for edge computing.

Crisis management

Energy facilities require immediate crisis management capabilities. UAVIA Robotics Platform offers real-time collaboration, allowing decision-makers and field teams to visualize the situation from anywhere they are, using a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Energy - Specific requirements

Energy infrastructures require involves regular inspection and maintenance to ensure safety and avoid failures. Inspecting hard-to-reach areas sometimes involve shutting down operations, and sending inspectors into hazardous areas.

UAVIA Robotics Platform allows missions to be either launched through a simple clicks on the site map, repeated on a regular basis, or automatically triggered in the event of an anomaly. 

The data and its processing are accessible live via the Cloud Platform, allowing multiple people to follow the flight in real-time from anywhere.

Drones powered by UAVIA's unique, patented technology allows safe autonomous navigation on dangerous and complex sites.

Pierre Pelé
Co-Founder, CTO

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