Construction & Mining

Revolutionizing surveying, planning and mapping.

Mapping and modeling processes unified

UAVIA advanced Cloud Platform simplifies the process from data acquisition to 3D modeling in connection with photogrammetry platforms.

UAVIA’s unique patented autonomous technology eliminates the need for a pilot and insure additional security for workers on site

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Perimeter security

With predefined or random schedules, UAVIA Robotics Platform optimizes patrols thanks to advanced edge computing capabilities. Our APIs allow to connect with existing alarm systems and trigger automatic doubt removals.

Fast measurements

UAVIA Robotics Platform facilitates the acquisition of data to create models of stockpiles for volume calculation and to follow progresses on a construction site. Various payloads are supported.

Assets monitoring

Challenges of Construction & Mining sites involve asset management to optimize the technical and economic performance of the site. Continuous counting or volume measurements made easier.

Construction & Mining - Specific requirements

These evolutive sites and their economical constraints highlight the need for an advanced platform to monitor the operations.

To scale drone’s mission have to respond to the following needs:

  • Unification of processes to easily replicate operations from a site to another
  • Pilot-free and collaborative features to allow remote supervision and costs control
  • Safe autonomous navigation for H.S.E. compliancy on populated sites

UAVIA Robotics Platform has been integrated with leading third party data treatment platforms, such as photogametry solutions, to further simplify the on-site operations.

Luc Clément
Co-Founder, VP Engineering

Use cases for Construction & Mining

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