Cloud-controlled Drones

Rapid reaction & 24/7 availability

You knew about the Internet of Things. Welcome to the Internet of Drones.

We provide the most demanding businesses with connected aerial surveillance and inspection tools. Our solutions make it possible to collect and analyze aerial data in real time. Without ever leaving your desk.

Our patent pending technology opens new perspectives by enabling total autonomous drone operation on field without any need for human intervention.

Unlimited range

Control a whole fleet of drones from your browser. Anywhere on the globe.

Private Cloud

Compute aerial data in real time on our secure Cloud servers.

Charging stations

Perform any mission without going out on field.

No radio, no limit.

Way beyond line of sight.

Currently available UAVs are tied to ground stations by the use of radio links. Operational ranges are limited to a few miles.

Our technology deploys a real-time high bandwith IP link between the drone and its pilot, using 3G/4G LTE networks. Distance is not a limit anymore.

1. Capture

From your web browser, schedule and execute aerial surveys autonomously. Captured data are encrypted and uploaded on our Cloud servers using connected charging stations.

2. Process

We offer a wide range of data processing services from real-time mapping to  geo-referenced imaging & 3D mapping. Everything is automated in the Cloud.

3. Analysis

Enrich the results with meaningful comments & notes. Perform 2D measurements and 3D volumetrics. Compare surveys over time, generate reports in seconds and share them with your co-workers.

The San Francisco - Paris Challenge

Our Cloud Control system has been successfully tested in the toughest conditions. For the first time ever, we flew a drone in Paris, controlled from San Francisco, using nothing but an Internet-connected computer.

Use cases

Our ecosystem is available in many versions, depending on your needs.

Harbour protection

Sensitive site surveillance

Construction monitoring

3D Measurement

Turnkey Ecosystem

Stay focused on your business.

We only see drones as tools. What matters for our clients is data. We make sure you stay focused on your decisionmaking. All the complexity of drone operation and data processing is hidden behind our ecosystem.

All you need is to visualize data in real time, interpret data in your own system or using our integrated online tools. It’s that easy.

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